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At "Toys & Candy On the Park", every product in the store enlightens, educates, and excites

        The Owners have created a showroom in their award winning store where the toys tell stories and the child's mind comes to play. Adult's also delight in this small town store with a big city look. It's like no other toy or candy store anywhere. “On the Park” offers over 600 kinds of chocolates and candy, and over 3,000 types of toys, plus we may be the only online site to offer FREE GIFT WRAP (Just add the giftwrap to your cart, and specify in the comments while checking out which items you want wrapped). 

The only way to describe the store is through our customers own words:

"On the Park is literally the best place in Kingwood"

"Holy Mother of Gawd this place is amazing"

"This store brings a smile to your face"

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We recently celebrated our 20th year anniversary! An article about “On the Park”  was featured on the front page of The Kingwood Obsever newspaper. The article highlights our history and why we became something special. To read the article, click this link: Kingwood's On The Park Celebrates 20th Anniversary.